Diamond Tester : How to distinguish Real and Fake Diamonds?

Rappers like to get noticed with flashy jewelry. All these eccentric personalized jewels cost more and more and some of them don't hesitate to spend tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to get them. The main reason for these prices, which for the common man out of budget, is the value of the master stone of all these jewels, the Diamond.

Do you know the difference between real and fake diamonds? Would you like to know in one click if your diamonds are real? We just put in our stock a diamond tester just for the curious. Come on, we'll explain everything about it.

Today, we will see in this article:

  • What is a diamond tester?
  • What is a real and a fake diamond?
  • All about real synthetic diamonds

The Iced Up London's Diamond Tester: All you need to know

Let's get to the heart of the matter, what is a diamond tester? The device is very simple to use: just apply a stylus with a retractable needle to the stone to be tested to instantly collect the verdict of the device. And, either in the form of a diode that lights up, or in the form of a needle that moves frankly if the stone is a diamond or on the contrary remains inert if the stone is a fake.

What does the tester measure? The hardness of the stone? No, not its hardness but its thermal conductivity. Indeed diamond is an excellent thermal conductor which, as such, has many applications in the field of advanced electronics. If a satellite falls in your garden, don't throw it in the trash can right away, it can be full of diamonds.

  1. Can we trust diamond testers?

There are exceptions, but yes, diamond testers are the ultimate tools to find out if a diamond is real or glass. Our device is one of the most accurate on the market. So it's your turn to make videos with strangers to make sure their VVS is not fake.

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We were talking about the exceptions, and they are as follows: the gemstone, Moissanite, and diamond are very close. The thermal conductivity of these 2 stones are almost similar. Also, some old diamonds can be not considered as a diamond by some testers, in this case, go to the closest diamond specialized store.

  1. What's our Diamond Tester?

Our Diamond tester is the "Diamond Selector II", it uses the proven thermal conductivity testing method to verify the authenticity of the diamonds. The test results are indicated by a light and an audible signal. Diamond Selector II works with one 9V battery. Really easy to charge.

You will get the result instantly and it fits in your pocket. It is important if you are a pro in your store with the need to test your gemstones fast. But even beginners can use it, and find out if people have VVS or Glass.

What is the difference between an imitation and a substitute or synthesis?

A diamond is 99.9% pure carbon. An imitation will have a chemical composition and physical and optical properties that can be very different from natural diamond, whereas a synthetic diamond reproduces its intrinsic characteristics.

  1. What are the diamond's substitute?

The oldest and best-known imitation diamond is glass. Some natural gemstones have also been used to imitate diamond, such as colorless sapphire and spinel as well as quartz, the most common natural stone on this earth, but also fine stones such as zircon, a gem with a natural brownish color upon extraction that becomes transparent when heated. It is quite rarely used in jewelry, in favor of zirconium oxide.

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Zirconium oxide is a substitute for diamonds that was very popular in the 1980s. Artificially produced, it is used in most imitation diamond jewelry. It is a synthetic stone with a very strong dispersion, which means that it returns a strong sparkle.

Also, Moissanite is a mineral that exists in its natural state, but has been produced industrially for several decades. Almost as hard as diamond, it has a higher light refractive index than zirconium oxide, making it the ideal substitute for diamond. It often has a yellowish tint, and is very generally pure, since it is processed in the laboratory.

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  1. How to identify and recognize fake diamonds?

As the hardest gemstone, diamonds can only be scratched by itself: this is already a first indication that can help you to identify the nature of your stone, and that can be checked with a special pen, equipped with a corundum or Borazon tip, whose hardness is slightly less than that of diamonds.

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In addition, a very strong wear of the stone mounted in jewelry, especially in a ring or pendant can also indicate that your stone is not a diamond, this is the case for zirconium oxides whose hardness is 8.5 on the Mohs scale compared to 10 for diamond.

Diamond substitutes are mostly laboratory-designed materials, and their hue is generally white, except for moissanite. They are therefore inevitably free of natural imperfections, called inclusions, which are sometimes visible to the naked eye, but which the diamond dealer will most often observe with a magnifying glass X 10, or even a microscope in gemmology laboratories, to determine the grade of purity of the stone.

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A diamond with an old appearance, with inclusions and a low color (shaded or tinted) is therefore unlikely to be a fake diamond.

Now you know everything about diamonds, would you be able to tell if a diamond is real or not? Only the eyes of an expert can make the difference, that's why you need our tester. Also, if you've read so far, it's because you love shiny jewelry. So treat yourself for the holiday season, we have one of the largest selection of necklaces, pendants, watches, and more.

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