In the Iced Out Jewelry world, you can find a lot of various designs with the Gold Chains, and it might be hard for you to find the look that suits you and the events you are attending to go. Today, we will go over 7 Gold Chain Designs we saw across the web, analyze with our expert eye, and give you advices about how to wear it.

At first, we would like to precise about few details: most of the gold chains we will introduce to you are inspired by the greatest rappers that have their own personal jeweler. It is usually hand-made and designed for a specific person or event, it might be hard to find an exact replica but no worries, iced up London did the research for you, you won’t have to worry about spending hours on the internet and find your favorite one in this top.

Let’s start by some classics and we will go further and further to the fanciest and original ones !

Iced Up London Jewelry

7. Tennis 6mm Iced Out Chain

It is the kind of Gold Chain Design with a 18K Gold Plated on it, followed by a S925 certification for its authenticity. Most of the people prefer a chain like this one to start with the iced-out jewelry, as it is simple and quite thin. You might not realize one thing about these: it can be really heavy to carry all day long and the Tennis 6mm is, in this case, the ideal to start with the fancy jewelry. A stylish, thin and light chain that can fit both men and women.

6mm Tennis Chain in Real Silver

6. Prong Cuban 14mm Iced Out Chain Design

Now, let’s go with larger and heavier design: the Cuban collections still with 18K Gold Plated, hand crafted by the finest jewelers. It can be fitting both men and women, but as it is quite large you will need to adapt and overcome with Hip-Hop and Streetwear Clothing, the suits won’t really the best to have with.

We hit a 120g on this one, but the clip on it is easy to unlock so you won’t have to carry it all day, only with you are outside or to the eyes of everyone. Among the Gold Chain Designs, that’s a must-have for everyone: an iconic kind of chain with timeless look.

Iced Out Prong Cuban Chain

5. Paper Clip Chain Design

We won’t lie on this: we still do attach paperclip together as soon as we see some… we are pretty sure you keep on doing it too ! Now, you can elevate this with a Gold Chain Design based on the paperclips. It looks heavy, but it is only 80 grams, due to the material used with the hand-made crafting: we had to make it light so you can keep it all day without feeling any pain on the neck.

Iced Out Paper Clip Chain

4. Barbed Wire Iced Out Chain

Now, we are getting into the most original styles, starting with a really unique Gold Chain Design: the Barbed Wire look. It might look painful to wear but you will be fine, promise. It was all designed to be worn on daily routine with highly fashionable hip-hop clothes: inspired by the most famous rappers out here, you need to be as hypebeast as them, no ?

Iced Out Barbed Wire Chain

3. Rose Gold Spiked Cuban Chain

Rose Gold has been more and more popular by this century, since it is a rare and unique kind of gold, every jewelers of New York want some to make the latest handmade crafts for rich customers.

Here, we have a similar design to the classic cuban chains topped with diamonds, still quite heavy with a 120g Rose Gold Plated that will elevate your style from a 8/10 to 11/10. Best to be worn with dark clothing like a good old streetwear hoodie and you will be good to go !

Spiked Cuban Link Chain in Rose Gold

2. Lil Uzi Inspired Gold Chain Design

You for sure know how Lil Uzi is a rapper that loves unique jewelry, always hanging out with the latest outfits from the best designers in the world. You might have saw him with a spiked gold chain around the neck, iced-out with diamonds in certain MVs: that’s the one we have reproduced at a quite affordable price, on limited edition.

No actual discomfort, it will be around 194 grams, depending on the size you decide to pick. This time, we recommend to wear it with a bit less streetwear clothes, as it has a very unique design that can speak by itself and give more value to your outfit just by wearing it.

Iced out Spiked Chain

1. Iced Out Chain Design by Trippie Redd

Let’s finish our selection of the 7 best Gold Chain Designs with a perfect reproduction of the one very often worn by Trippie Redd. Instead of the classic gold or rose gold, we have now the white gold, which is even more rare and hard to find, topped with gems like VVS diamonds.

What makes it unique, is the combo of all the design elements that makes it original and fashionable: spikes from the Lil Uzi’s one, some bones parts and the Uka Uka face that perfectly fits the whole pendant. If you are planning on getting one like that, you should definitely send us a picture about how you wear it, we would be curious and we’re sure you have damn good ideas.

Trippie Redd Chain

After all, you can find a lot of other varieties of Gold Chain Design, following the kind of gold used for it, the jeweler’s touch and of course all the gems used in the process to craft it. For sure, you will always need to have the look that fits the chain and the rest of your jewelry to be able to add as much value as possible, and look like a beast every time you are going out.

By the way, all the items here are shoppable with Iced Up London, however, we have a whole selection based on watches, rings and bracelets made of gold or silver to complete your look: make sure to have a look anytime !

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