Iced Up London’s Hip Hop Ring Collection

Do you want to flex on your friends with an iced out ring? If so, check out our collection of the finest hip hop rings made of high-quality VVS CZ stones that sparkle as bright as real diamonds.

Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions about our rings.


What Is an Iced Out Ring?

Any ring Covered with diamonds is called an iced out ring. If you pair one with a hip hop watch and bracelet, people will stare at your hands during parties and you’ll get non-stop compliments.

Here are 3 tips to wear iced out rings the right way:

  • Find the right size: If you have small hands, wear small rings. Similarly, if your hands are large, go with a larger ring.
  • Balance jewelry: Never crowd jewelry together. For instance, if you’re wearing a ring and a wedding band on your left wrist, balance it by wearing a bracelet on your right wrist.
  • Wear according to your skin tone: In a nutshell, your skin has a cool tone if your veins are visible and a warm tone otherwise. Gold watches work best with warm tones whereas silver colors look great on someone with a cool tone.

What Type of Rings Do You Offer?

Here at Iced Up London, we offer a wide variety of bling rings, ranging from round solitaire to single square to cluster diamonds that make for perfect engagement rings.

All of our rings are crafted carefully by professional jewelers who work hard to ensure that our customers get nothing but the highest quality rings at a fraction of the cost.


Why Should I Buy from Iced Up London?

Do you want to buy the finest iced out rings that will maintain their luster for a long time?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. We offer an extensive range of top-shelf rings for more than reasonable prices. Our rings are made of the finest VVS CZ stones that keep looking good as new even after years of wear.


Do You Sell Real Iced Out Rings?

At Iced Up London, we sell products made from only the finest VVS CZ stones on the planet. That’s why our customers can’t stop raving about the quality and durability of our bling.

We have one of the largest jewelry collections that is iced out to the core, including all sorts of rings ranging from Tennis to Cuban Link to Gucci Link.

So if you want to flex on people with some of the flashiest rings without killing your bank account, get yourself some affordable hip hop rings right here!


Are CZ Stones Better than Real Diamonds?

Are you wIlling to spend thousands of dollars on a piece of jewelry with real diamonds? Unless you’re a millionaire, we imagine your answer is a resounding no.

So does that mean iced out jewelry is out of the question for you? Absolutely not! You can get bling made from the highest quality Cubic Zirconia (CZ) stones at our store.


What Is Cubic Zirconia and How Is It Different from a Real Diamond?

CZ, short for cubic zirconia, is a colorless gemstone synthetically made from the cubic crystalline form of zirconium dioxide.

Although it’s also found naturally in the mineral baddeleyite, that’s extremely rare — which is why virtually all the cubic zirconia rings are made from artificial gemstones made in labs.

While you may think CZ stones would look fake since they’re not real diamonds, the truth is, 99% of people can’t tell the difference at all. Whatsoever.

However, that’s about the only similarity between the two. In every other department, including structure, price, and color, they’re quite the opposite.


Is Cubic Zirconia Significantly Cheaper than Real Diamonds?

Yes, cubic zirconia is significantly cheaper than real diamonds. For instance, a two-carat diamond ring sells for $7,030, while a similar CZ ring sells for $29.99.

As another example, a two-and-a-half carat princess cut cubic zirconia ring sells for $43, while a 2.5 carat princess cut diamond ring sells for $19,815.

As you can see from our examples, as carat weight increases, the price gap becomes even larger.

So summing up, jewelry made from cubic zirconia can be 100X less expensive than diamond jewelry.


Does Cubic Zirconia Sparkle as Bright as Real Diamonds?

Did you know the intensity of a gemstone’s sparkle depends on its dispersion? That is, how the stone breaks down light into the spectral colors of a rainbow.

So in reality, dispersion is the quality of a gemstone that determines how bright it shines.

Diamonds are popular for their unique sparkle that is thanks to their dispersion rate of 0.044, which is quite high. CZ stones, however, have an even higher level of dispersion rate at 0.066.

So if you want to flex on people with jewelry that shines as bright as the stars, go with cubic zirconia because it sparkles even brighter than real diamonds.


How Do You Make Rings and How Much Do They Cost?

At Iced Up London, every ring we sell is prudently crafted by our team of expert jewelers who spend hours upon hours to ensure each product is designed brilliantly.

Furthermore, we use the finest VVS CZ stones to make sure that the rings on your hands help you carry a dignified look just like the ones worn by professional rappers and hip-hop artists.

So we are proud to say that you can never go wrong with our collection of rings.

Our bliNg quality isn’t the only thing we’re proud of. We also take great pride in our unbelievably low prices — seriously, you will be blown away by our price range!

Since our goal is to bring you the highest quality iced out jewelry for more than fair prices, we sell our rings at almost half the price as the ones being sold in jewelry stores in malls.

 Don’t believe us? Check out the price tag on the top three rings in our store:

1. Icy Square

 The Icy Square is as flashy as it is classy. Made from 5x PVD Plating & VVS CZ Stones, this ring shines brighter than Gucci Mane’s smile. Can you guess how much we charge for this brilliant piece?

… Only $79!


2. Skull Ring

The Skull Ring is for those of you who prefer to look fresh to death over smooth and sleek. It’s made of high-quality VVS CZ stones in gold and platinum.

A piece as fine as this one sells in malls for $300, at least. We sell it for only $99.


3. Iced Out Star

The Iced Out Star brings the rockstar out of you! It is covered with VVS simulated diamonds that give it a unique shine that turns heads like no other. 

If you show a picture of this beauty to an expert jeweler and ask how much it goes for, we can bet the answer you’ll get will be over $350. We sell it for only $79!


We can guarantee you won’t find such fine pieces for such tempting prices anywhere else.

So the next time you’re looking to buy a ring, do yourself a favor, return to this page, and treat yourself to our finest collection of rings that are as flashy as they are classy.


Do You Ship to Every Country Around the World?

Iced Up London is an international brand. So to answer your question: yes, we ship to every country around the world. And not only do we deliver to your doorstep, but we also do it for free!

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