The Clarity levels and costs of VVS Diamonds

Today, we will talk about the VVS Diamonds, a well-asked topic for everyone that wishes to get some jewelry with diamonds on it. You probably have already heard about the terms VVS1, VVS 2, F, IF,… They all represent certain attributes a Diamond can have over its purity.

To make it simple, VVS Diamonds are clarity grades we can give to this precious gem. These are not the highest in the ranking, but still among the best gems we can find on the market.

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Let’s see deeper in the topic together, we will give you all the information you need to chose your diamond’s clarity to get with your bracelets, necklaces, pendants, rings or grillz.

The Clarity levels of Diamonds

We can separate diamond’s clarity by five main groups. We need to talk about this first because you might don’t know about them, and it can have a huge role in the selection of your next jewelry, regarding the price and the quality.

1. The Flawless (F) and Internally Flawless (IF)

The Flawless (F) and Internally Flawless (IF) are, as you can tell by the name the clearest diamonds out there, also the most expensive ones. Most of the people that get some are for very specific kind of items, mostly for important events.

If you are looking for an engagement ring and willing to get a wonderful colorless diamond, the F and IF Diamonds must be among the best choice you can get.

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2. The VVS1 and VV2: very very Slight Inclusions

The main part of the topic here, our VVS Diamonds: they come with a little bit of imperfections, but are still very valuable. To make sure you get how (almost) invisible the imperfections are: you can’t even see them with 10x loupe !

Still extremely rare, superstars enjoy these gems for the quality, beauty and the “affordable” side compared to the highest quality of diamonds we have seen already.

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3. Very Small Inclusions (VS1 and VS2)

Basically the same as VVS1 and 2, the only real differences will be seen only by the professionals of this domain. You can spot imperfections on them, but only with a 10x loupe, and on a top of that, only if you know where to look for it.

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4. The best value for money: SI1, SI2

You can see some clarity issues but the gem still remains a very good choice for buyers. In fact, it is the most appreciated for its value for money: you have a great quality, for a decent price.

If you want to get your first diamond jewelry and you don’t know where to start, this is probably the best option out here.

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5. All the lower levels of Diamond’s clarity

Easy to spot with the eye, all the diamond levels in this group are Included and Imperfect. These are the best choices for the wallets that want to save some money over the jewelry expenses.

If you are hesitating between different levels, here is the ranking from the best to the lowest quality: I1, I2, I3, PIQ1, PIQ2 and finally PIQ3.

But… how do we define in which category my diamond goes ?

That’s right, we talk about all of these various levels of diamonds quality, but what are the characteristics that prevents them to be in a specific category and not another one ? Let’s see this together with the five major metrics applied to gems which gives the rarity of it.

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1. The Imperfection Dimension

Well, it might be obvious, we are not thinking you learn something new if we tell you that the size of an imperfection in a diamond will have an impact on the price. It is not especially about the size, but also how visible it is. As long as we cannot see it from naked eye, it will most of the time prevent it to be in the lowest quality tier gems.

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2. The number of Imperfections

Less imperfections, more value, that’s a classic. As long as your diamond has more than 2 imperfections, we will hardly considerate it as a VVS Diamond. Even tho we cannot see it without a loupe, the jewelers will still use it as a criteria to give a value to the gem.

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3. The Location of the imperfections

The purity will also be impacted by the location of the imperfections over your diamond: as long as it is deep inside, on the sides or along a part where the diamond got its cut, it will have less impact on the final price than if it is on the top.

More visibility, less value.

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4. Nature of the Diamond’s imperfection

Following the kind of imperfection it has, the value will be from a little bit less to much more. If we are talking about a tiny spot in the precious rock that was made by a natural element, it won’t be as much of a problem as if the jeweler made a mistake while doing the cut.

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5. The color and relief

This last characteristic won’t be, most of the time, a concern for the VVS Diamonds: it is about how visible each imperfection is over the diamond. We will mostly use this point to define the last categories of gems with the lowest purity diamonds.

fancy-color-diamonds-shapes – London DE

How much costs a VVS Diamond ?

Now we know what is a VVS Diamond, and how we determine if it is one or not, but what about the pricing? We are quite sure of what we are saying if we tell you that these are part of the rarest and hardest to get kind of diamonds.

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It is mostly dedicated to wealthy people that want only the best products of the world with the rarest gems, or for very specific occasions like to put on a wedding ring.

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We can sometimes see this kind of gem over Grillz, Chains, Bracelets, Rings or Pendants from rappers like 6ix9ine, Gunna, Drake or the Migos. You probably already know these names, and you can be sure they are ready to pay a lot for it.

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The average price of the market for a VVS1 Diamond of 1 carat will be around 5,500$, while a VV2 Diamond will be a couple hundred of dollars less. If you are planning to get a chain, it can go up to a solid 100,000$ !

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