Homemade Jewelry Cleaner: keep your jewelry clean without a jeweller

Today, we will give you 8 ways to do your homemade jewelry cleaner to keep your silver and gold chains look like brand new even after years wearing it. What a good timing when everybody is under lockdown and don’t really want to go out to the jeweler to get their cleaning products.

Here’s our favorite methods to clean your jewelry products from home:

  • Baking Soda Powder
  • Lemon
  • White Vinegar
  • Beer
  • Toothpaste
  • Ash
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Aluminum and bicarbonate

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Baking Soda Powder: easy and fast

We all know the good benefits of this very acid solution that can clean not only jewelry but many other products. You probably already have heard of it, simply because all of the things people tell about baking soda powder are legit to clean various items.

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We recommend you to use it with a slightly wet toothbrush, apply a tiny bit of the powder and gently brush your Chain or Ring when the dirt is located. You can apply it everywhere to give it some shine but then don’t forget to dry it with a very soft material like a silk tissue because it can be corrosive with the time.

Lemon: an acidic solution

Still with a toothbrush, you can press a lemon (yellow by preference, the green lime is a bit too acidic) on the top of it and repeat the brush action over your jewelry. As simple as it looks, there is it: only a lemon to make your homemade jewelry cleaner !

Don’t forget to dry it with a soft texture after to prevent any damages and keep it as shiny as it was when you bought it brand new.

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White Vinegar: from kitchen to jewelry cleaner

You got it now, we need something that is acidic but not too corrosive. White vinegar can be used for a lot of homemade ways to clean various items: you only need to fill a glass of white vinegar and let dip in it your jewelry for a good 2 hours.

Once this time is passed, you can shake the jewels directly in the glass to remove the dirt stuck in tiny areas but make sure to wear gloves. A large quantity of this liquid car be damaging for your skin ! Then, as usual, dry it with a silk tissue or any soft material, then you are ready to go.

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Beer: not only to be drunk

That’s probably one of the less expected way to do a homemade jewelry cleaner: beer can be used for a lot of cleaning products, that’s surprising, isn’t it ? It is a bit less powerful than vinegar or baking soda powder but still, it is a way to do if you have some left in your fridge.

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You better prefer a beer from a good brewery, because the quality of the oath used in the production can impact the efficacity. Keep your chains, bracelets and rings made of silver or gold in a glass with beer all night long, then wash it with clear water and dry it.

There we go, clean jewelry with no strange smell but a shiny look!

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Toothpaste: you for sure have it

Okay, this one can be a bit technical, we would recommend to refer to any other way to clean your jewelry: the composition of the toothpaste can alter a lot the results you can expect on your iced-out stuffs.

Same as usual, get some on your toothbrush and apply gently on your items before ricing it and drying it with a soft tissue. But, be careful! All the toothpaste uses different ingredients, some are based with only chemicals, plants or charcoal extracts. We recommend you to use a charcoal extract-based toothpaste since this material is also good for the cleaning of your products.

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Ash can be your new cleaner

If you have a fireplace if your house, you can take some ash from the burned wood (of course, when it is at ambient temperature, not hot!), then brush your jewelry with it. This material as a lot of advantages regarding the chemicals that compose it when we talk about cleaning stuffs.

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Something you can use instead of silk paper is buff skin: it is very soft and affordable for anyone that want to keep his jewelry look brand-new.

Breadcrumbs: keep it to make your homemade jewelry cleaner!

This is a very old way to clean but still work god damn well to this day. You can use your leftover breadcrumbs to take off the dirt located in the tiny areas of your jewelry with a brush. It will make it shine like you have never seen before ! However, we recommend to use it on old jewelry or not too worthy ones, it way gives it some unwanted scratches that can look sort of bad on it.

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Aluminum and bicarbonate: the ultimate combo

Using these two materials is a very good way to clean silver rings or chains, it was used before to clean kitchen related items, so why not using it on your jewels ? Take an aluminum sheet and cover the bottom of a bowl with the shiny side facing the bottom and then add 1 tablespoon of bicarbonate powder in it.

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After that, put your jewelry in it, and fill the bowl with very hot water, then wait for approximately 10 minutes. Be careful, for this way to do your homemade jewelry cleaner, make sure to have a look on the time, or else it can be damaging for your jewelry.

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Stay away from the steam that goes out and no worries, it is normal ! Then, rinse all of it with clear water, you will see, it is sort of magic: your jewels looks brand new, shining like the sun and no scratches. Be careful, do not use this with jewelry containing gems like diamonds !

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There we go, 8 ways to do your homemade jewelry cleaner with Iced out London: now you can keep all your freshly bought jewelry clean for years to come ! Be careful to apply these only on the silver and gold parts, do not apply it on gems: some ways can be damaging for your diamonds, emeralds or sapphires. Make sure to check out our latest collections of products to try out these techniques.

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