Rappers and rockers have been wearing a unique accessory lately: the pearl necklace. For a long time associated with white middle-class women who are adept at the preppy style, the jewel is now associated with the kings of popular culture.

A detail that proves that fashion does not care about gender and class codes? Or on the contrary, the distinctive - and expensive - sign of a new caste?

The trend is on everyone's lips. Or rather, on everyone's neck. British singer Harry Styles can't get enough of it, and neither can rapper A$AP Rocky. One of the first to have seized the pearl necklace in a men's wardrobe is Pharrell Williams in 2014, including on the Chanel Pre-Fall 2015 campaign.

At the time, the choice is surely less political than aesthetic, but it attracts the eye and followers, who happily copy it. Long necklace or choker, in five years, the declinations multiply to reach a peak of popularity in early 2020. And Harry Styles is not for nothing.

The Wall Street Journal had fun counting all the times when the former member of the group One Direction appeared covered with more or less discreet pearls since the beginning of the promotion of his new album, Fine Line, released in December 2019: not less than five shows in a few weeks. It did not take more to arouse the curiosity of the masses and the media. It must be said that the accessory is not trivial.

Long categorized as traditionally feminine jewelry, its appropriation by men could reflect more than a spontaneous inspiration: an ode to the liberation of binary codes, for example. And also a sign of success no less connoted than the gold and diamond chains.

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