Whether you call it bling, drip, or iced out jewelry, the point remains the same. Nothing makes you look cooler than some head-turning jewelry. 💎

From the biggest rappers on the planet to the highest paid athletes, whenever someone wants to make a statement, the first thing they look to is some hip hop jewelry. 

Though the problem is, those ridiculously lavish chains and rings cost way too much for most of us to foot down the bill. It’s not like most of us have some extra $10k laying around the house to shell out on some jewelry. 🤑

Or maybe you could afford those lavish chains, but choose not to. And we totally get that. After all, who wants the worry of keeping a $10k worth of chain safe at all times.

Luckily, you don’t have to sell your house just to add some bling to your outfit. All you need is some affordable hip hop jewelry to rock that flashy look. Or better yet, you could get some cheap iced out pendants to make a real statement.

Anyway, the point is, if you want to get iced out on a budget, then this is certainly the post you’ve been looking for! 👌

CZ Stones vs Diamonds: A Quick Breakdown

The first question we get from people who have never iced out on a budget is this:

What’s the difference between CZ stones and real diamonds? 💎

So let’s start with that.

Real diamonds are, well, rare and real. They’ve been used in jewelry for ages, from wedding rings 💍 to some of the most expensive chains on the planet.

CZ is basically short for Cubic Zirconia, which is one of the dopest looking diamond simulants out there. CZ stones are synthesized stones that are a bit softer than diamonds, but they also weigh a bit more.

So, while diamonds CZ stones look similar on the surface, their chemical composition is nothing alike.

With that basic difference out of the way, let’s look into some practical differences.

Diamond Gem Stones

1. Do CZ stones look as good as diamonds?

While you may be thinking that CZ stones would obviously look fake since they’re not real diamonds, the truth is, 99% of people can’t tell the difference in the first place. 😉

But that’s not all. You see, real diamonds are rarely pure and almost always have some small inclusions that give them a slightly flawed appearance. Of course, there are completely flawless diamonds on the planet, but those are ridiculously expensive and almost impossible to find. 

Unlike real diamonds, though, CZ stones are always flawless with no inclusions whatsoever. So, CZ stones sparkles even brighter than real diamonds, or in other words, adds more flash to your outfit. 💎

Of course, real diamonds do have a certain brilliance that CZ stones lack a little bit. But at the end of the day, you won’t be able to tell the difference between an cheap iced out jewelry made of CZ stones and one made with real diamonds. 

Both will make you look stunning! 👌💎

Cz Stone vs Diamond

2. How much cheaper are CZ stones?

This is the part where CZ stones completely blow diamonds out of the water. 👊

Even a mediocre 1-carat piece of diamond with average color and clarity sells for more than $1,500. Whereas a 1-carat CZ stone that is crafted and polished by hands will only cost you like $25 or so. 👌

As you can see, the price difference is huge whereas the appearance is almost identical. This is why we use VVS CZ stones in our affordable iced out jewelry. 💲

Where to Buy Cheap Iced Out Jewelry?

If you want to buy some iced out jewelry without killing your bank account, then Iced Up London is here to help. 👌

We have one of the largest collections of flashy iced out jewelry that is iced out to the core. We have pendants, chains, rings, watches, bracelets, glasses and we have everything else in between. 😉

Everything you’ll find on our store is made from some of the finest VVS CZ stones on the planet. That’s the reason why customers can’t stop appreciating the quality and durability of our bling. 💎

So if you want to flex on people with some of the flashiest hip hop jewelry on the planet for cheap, then head over to Iced Out Jewelry and get yourself some bling today!

Iced Up London

Our Favorite Affordable Hip Hop Jewelry

Now that you know the difference between CZ stones and diamonds 💎, let’s look into the price of some of the flashiest and cheapest hip hop jewelry items:

1. Iced Out Tennis Chain

If you want to add bling to your attire with good taste and without overstating it, then this affordable iced out chain is just the thing for you. 👌

That’s because this 5mm tennis chain of brilliant white gold is all about flexing with some style and some class. So when you have this chain around your neck, you’ll feel in control and people will notice that. 🤑

It will help you command respect without screaming for attention. So if you want to roll in class and move around with style, then look no further and get yourself one of these iced out chains below.

Iced Out Tennis Chain

2. Iced Out Tennis Bracelet

A flashy chain is the first thing most guys in the hip hop scene add to their arsenal of head-turning jewelry. But a hip bracelet can add all the more bling to your outfit and this 18K Gold bracelet is second to none. 👌

When you put on this handcrafted bracelet, you’ll feel like a celebrity whether you hang out indoors or take a walk down the streets. Why? Because people notice lavish bracelets and nothing makes a statement like our iced out bracelets covered with gold! 💎

Iced out Tennis Bracelet

3. Iced Out Jesus Pendant

There are times when you want to make the boldest statement. You want something that not only stands out but physically grabs everyone’s attention. Something people can’t help but rave about. 💎

It is exactly those moments where you’ll need our Iced Out Jesus Pendant covered with 18K gold!

When you put the thick and heavy stones of this pendant around your neck, you’ll shine just as bright as the CZ stones in it and you’ll feel above everyone else in the room. 😉

Oh, and this is just one of the many pendants we have. If you need help picking the shiniest pendant, check out our Iced Out Cross Pendant Guide.

Iced Out Jesus Pendant

4. Iced Out 2 Row Ring

Last on this list, but certainly not the least, is our Iced Out Ring 2 Row Ring. 💎

Rings make guys look manly and our gold-plated iced out ring can turn any guy into a man who commands respect. With one or a few of these bling rings on your fingers, you’ll let the world know that you’ve officially made it! 

So, if you want to project success and be drippin’ at the same time, put these golden rings on your fingers and head out with your head held up high! 

While we’ve covered just 4 of the many bling items we have in store, you should check out our full collection of lavish and affordable iced out jewelry too. 👊

Iced Out Double Ring

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