What's Tekashi 6ix9ine's 2020s' Net Worth and his Lifestyle?

6ix9ine "Daniel Hernandez" caused a sensation in a new video sequence that he shared on the web. In any case, with his great fortune exposed in public, he may well make his entourage gossip. The rainbow-haired rapper is determined to taunt his detractors. Indeed, since he left the bars and was then placed underhouse arrest for health reasons.

Tekashi 6ix9ine Shows Off A HUGE Bag Full Of Cash -- 'I Made A Million  Dollars On House Arrest!'

In fact, the rapper was allowed to complete his sentence at home because of his asthma that made him vulnerable to the coronavirus. 6ix9ine hasn't left the social networks. Yes, the man who will soon be a father shares his rich man's lifestyle on the web.

Tekashi69, his world famous Grillz

6IX9INE's path to fame came in 2017 when he released his first single "GUMMO", which culminated at number 12 on the American Billboard Hot 100. So in 2020, the net worth and personal fortune of 6IX9INE is estimated to be around $6 millions.


1. Rainbow Teeth

Tekashi's number one accessory is without any doubt his Rainbow Grillz Teeth. 69's master piece costed him around 5 Racks. If you wanna drip like the "King of New-York", Iced Up London has what you need bro with our latest Rainbow Grillz inspired by the colorful artist.

Just as Lil Yatchy, Tekashi69 promoted via his video clip and Instagram this colorful teeth accessory, now internet and the world start to get crazy about this trend. For your next party or Halloween go for an "Iced Out Grillz 6IX9INE Rainbow Teeth".

6ix9ine Grillz Rainbow Tekashi Rapper Teeth

2. 69 Custom Diamond Grills

The Mexican-Puerto rican hip-hop artist has no limit in term of jewels and diamond accessories. In fact, he bought a Jimmy-Boy masterpiece, a fully covered Diamond Rainbow Grill which is valued at $100K !

Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine and Cardi B : Beef, Hit & Money

Between Cardi B who's currently doing very well with its WAP single with very explicit lyrics, and the crazy Brooklyn's rapper with the long rainbow braids, the relation is electric. However, they have some common points such as their success and money !

1. What happened between Tekashi69 and Cardi B?

Judged on 17 charges - he pleaded guilty to 9 of them - related to the activities of this famous gang, the artist agreed to testify in order to lighten his future sentence. During his auditions, the world-famous rapper, Cardi B, was at the heart of the debate. 6ix9ine had explained that she had joined the Nine Trey Bloods in order to advance her career, obtain their protection and gain credibility in the rap world.

Tekashi 6ix9ine Testimony: Rapper Claims Cardi B Is A Nine Trey Gangsta  Bloods Gang Member | Crime News

An accusation that did not please the star at all. On Twitter, Cardi B - in a message that has since been deleted - denied the allegations of his sidekick while confirming that he is indeed a gang member. Despite this message, Cardi B would actually be very close to the Five Nine Brims, themselves affiliated with the Bloods.

And you, what do you think about todays' relation between the 2 artists? Are you a "Snitchy" Gang member or "Bacardi" Fan?

2. Lifestyle Comparaison

Queen of bling and extravagance, Cardi B does not go unnoticed. But it would be a shame to stop at her crazy hairstyles and her risky clothing. If, when it comes to music, Cardi B has become an unavoidable figure in rap games, she is also a pro of "entertainment" and the staging of her private life with more than 75 million subscribers on Instagram.

However, her private life looks like everybodies' one, taking care of her and Offset's (Migos) daughter "Kulture", and that's pretty it... Apart of her profesionnal life, indeed.

Cardi B Files For Divorce From Offset As Infidelity Rumors Swirl

About 6ix9ine lifestyle, he is a generous person who never forget where is from. That explain why he become to be known for his philantropic efforts having publicized several donations he made our his neighborhood, Brooklyn, and also Chicago and Dominican Republic. Moreover, he visits frequently his native school, Bushwick and make donation, finally he also donated in Christian foundation, clinical support for brain cancer research.

Tekashi 6ix9ine Returns From Prison With A Blast, Breaks Instragram Live  Record, Drops New Single - MojiDelano.Com

Today, due to his trouble with gangsters, he has a permanent security team which costs him over $1 million per year. The artist owns luxury cars such as Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon, Lamborghini Aventador, Mac Laren and Rolls Royce plus dozen of jewelry accessories... If you wanna know more about his lifestyle you can know everything about it on this video below.


6IX9INE, Make Memes Make Biz

By assuming its role as a snitch, 6ix9ine plays the whole thing for the whole. In terms of numbers, the strategy is paying off, but is it viable in the long term? On internet, especially on Twitter, people from all around the world took this "Snitch Gate" and made the finest memes of the year !

1. How 6ix9ine took his title of "Snitch" to his advantage?

In theory, combining a career as a rapper with the status of a snitch is absolutely incompatible, especially so since 6ix9ine bases most of his lyrics on his relationship with gangs and on the richness of his gun collection.

The New Yorker's strategy is to go for the highest bid and to fully assume this role of "Snitchy", as when he unfollowed everyone on Instagram to follow only one account, the NYPD. He knows that he will not escape being called a "rat", and tries to play down the drama by ironicizing as much as possible.

The viability of such a strategy in the long term, It's a real double or nothing that is being played out today for 6ix9ine: he can become the most followed rap artist in the world, or go for it, once again, right into the wall. But he proved that he is capable to make millions, because 10K Project, his label, made him sign a $10 million contract while he was still in prison. Not too bad, right?

6ix9ine Drags Future, Meek Mill, and Gucci Mane | Rap-Up

2. The Instagram King

To accompany the release of the video clip "GOOBA", 6ix9ine did a live Instagram less than an hour later. And the audience was there because it set a new record of people connected on the live, with a peak of more than 2 million. In this live, 6ix9ine claimed to be the king, and that he couldn't be in clash against anyone, since he is the strongest.

"I am a living legend at only 24 years old. Look, there are 1.6 million of us. Dedication to Drake, dedication to Tory Lanez, dedication to Bad Bunny, but you can't do this."

6ix9ine Breaks IG Live Record with 2 Million Views (FULL VIDEO) King of NY,  Gooba & Flexes Wealth - YouTube

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