Are you looking for a Cross Pendant ✝️ that matches your personality ? 

If so, then you need to consider the following two things:

  1. The visual appeal
  2. The type of cross pendant

Choosing the most visually appealing pendant is the simple part. All you have to do is scroll through the list and pick one that speaks to you.

The second part, however, is not so simple.

Choosing the right type — one that is best suited to your personality — can be overwhelming when you have no idea what each type represents.

To make this step easier, allow us to guide you  some of the most popular types of Iced Out Cross Pendants out there. 💎

1. Iced Out Christian Cross Pendant

The Christian Cross, aka the Latin Cross, is arguably the most famous type of pendant. It has a high base which is larger than its three arms.

 It is believed to bring the wearer:

  • Peace ✌️
  • Comfort 🧸
  • Protection 🛡️

With nothing but a plain cross symbol, this pendant is the simplest one out there. So for you simplicity lovers, the Christian cross is as good as it gets.


2. Alpha and Omega Chi Rho Cross

According to some traditions, Alpha (Α) and Omega (Ω) are the representatives of Jesus Christ. The Chi-Rho symbol represents the first two letters of “Christ” in such a way that they form a monogram.

When the Chi-Rho symbol is combined with the Alpha and Omega, an acronym is formed with Christ’s words, “I am the Alpha and the Omega.” — Chapter 1, verse 8 in the Bible.

If this verse speaks to you, then the Chi-Rho Alpha and Omega cross are for you.

Alpha and Omega Chi Rho pendant

3. Iced Out Sideways Cross Pendant

Sideways cross is the most modern take on iced out jewelry 💎 for expressing the Christian faith.

Although this cross type is a bit untraditional, its beauty is that it goes well with every type of outfit. So you can comfortably wear it at work, home, family dinner… literally anywhere. 👍

Iced Out Sideways Cross Pendant

4. Iced Out Crucifix Pendant

Crucifixes require great attention to detail because they’re intricately designed.

Furthermore, a proper crucifix design contains just the right amount of iced out detail, so that it appears neither too simple not too complex.

As we all know, the crucifixion of Jesus Christ ✝️ is the pinnacle of Christianity — which is the main reason behind the popularity of crucifixes.

Being arguably the most powerful cross pendant, a Crucifix fully expresses your faith and what it means to you.

So if you’re one of those people who consider themselves deeply rooted in their faith, then this is a top cross pendant candidate for you. 

Iced Out Crucifix Pendant

5. Iced Out Cross of Saint Peter Pendant

The Cross of Saint Peter, as its name suggests, is based on Saint Peter — one of the apostles of Jesus Christ — who was crucified upside down.

This pendant is easily distinguished from others because it turns the cross upside down, which is why it is also known as the Upside Down Cross.

It represents the humility of the Christian faith and the crucifixion of Saint Peter. So if you embrace humility and are touched by the story of Saint Peter, then this pendant has the perfect combination for you. 

iced out upside down pendant

6. Iced Out Celtic Cross Pendant

Celtic crosses are made with Scottish and Irish influence, and their design dates back to when the Celtics converted to Christianity.

When the Celtics turned Christian, they wanted to keep a part of their culture alive, which is why their crosses have a circle in the intersection.

Nowadays, some Iced Out Celtic crosses even include a Holy Trinity or a four-leaf clover sign, along with the intersection circle to further complexify the design.

These crosses are popular worldwide for their unique designs, especially among countries with Celtic roots. 

Iced Out Celtic Cross

7. Iced Out Jerusalem Cross Pendant

The Jerusalem Cross, aka the five-fold cross, is a heraldic cross surrounded by four smaller crosses. Since it always has five crosses, it can always be easily distinguished.

During the Middle Ages, this cross was restricted to only the noblemen of Europe. No one else was allowed to wear this cross because it served as a sign of pride of the Kingdom of Jerusalem. 👑

Fortunately, this iced out cross 💎 isn’t restricted to only the elite anymore. So if one cross isn’t enough for you, then you can wear a Jerusalem piece with five crosses.

jerusalem cross necklace

8. Iced Out Greek Cross Pendant

We bet you didn’t know that the Greek cross was popular in the early years of the Christian faith. Here’s how this cross is different from a Christian cross:

Unlike the Christian cross that has one arm longer than the other, the Greek cross has two equally sized arms. Furthermore, it also has a small cross or some other free-hand design at the intersection. 

So in case you were looking for a balanced version of the Christian cross with a bit more design, the Iced Out Greek cross offers exactly that. 👍

Iced Out Greek Cross

9. Iced Out Egyptian Cross Pendant (Ankh)

The Egyptian cross combines the Christian faith with the Egyptian culture. It is shaped just like your usual cross, but with one major distinction in the top area.

The top is in a circular form that starts and ends in the intersection — which makes the remaining part of the cross appear in the shape of a capital “T”.

Ankh Pendant

So this cross is great not only for Egyptians but also for people whose name starts with “T”. 😉

10. Iced Out Templar Cross Pendant

The Templar Cross is easily distinguished from every other type of cross pendant because it has narrow arms that flare out as the branches of the cross extend.

During the Middle Ages, Knights Templar believed that martyrdom of a knight confirmed his place in heaven.🌺 So being a martyr was the dream of every knight.

This is why their cross pendant represents not only firm belief in the concept of martyrdom but also the love and spirit of Templar knights to become a martyr.

Knight Cross Iced Out

Ready to Pick Your Cross Pendant ?

Did our list contain a iced out cross pendant type that best suits your personality let us know in the comment ?

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