Juice WRLD’s Jewelry Collection

Did you know Anthony “Juice WRLD” Higgin, the rapstar famous for his popular album “Goodbye & Good Riddance”, has one of the most famous bling collections in the world?

He owns every iced out piece you can think of. Icy watches, bracelets, glasses, pendants, rings, earrings, chains, grillz… you name it, he owns it!

What we find incredible about the young rapper is that he can somehow pull off both the subtle, classy look and the in your face, flashy look effortlessly.


The Best of Juice WRLD’s Bling Collection

Out of his jewelry collection, here are the three bling pieces that stood out the most to us.

1. Juice WRLD Heart Pendant

Juice WRLD rocking this pendant is a testament to the fact that he’s one of the rare artists who can pull off wearing all sorts of iced out jewelry, including rings, chains, earrings, and everything in between.

In our opinion and that of many others, this Broken Heart Skull Chain is the finest piece in his collection.

It’s made of a skull placed between a purple broken heart attached to a gold chain link with the numbers, “999”. It’s classy, flashy, and clever all at once.


Juice WRLD Heart Pendant


While the real piece was made up of real diamonds, we offer a replica made up of significantly less expensive yet almost identical premium quality VVS CZ stones.


2. Juice WRLD 999 Skull Pendant

If you prefer wild and dangerous over smooth and sleek, this pendant might just be the one for you.


It’s a large skull made up of huge diamonds that sparkle so bright you go momentarily blind after seeing them. It has the numerals “999” engraved on it.

999 Skull Pendant

What makes this 999 Skull pendant even more unique and dashing is the flashy purple and silver piece placed right behind the teeth of the skull.

You can wear it to a party to look fresh to death!

 999 Skull Pendant Juice WRLD

3. Juice WRLD 999 Club Pendant

Out of Juice WRLD’s collection, this pendant is the most classy one. The reason we like it more than any other piece is because anyone can pull it off  — as long as they’re wearing solid clothes.


Inspired by the real pendant of Juice WRLD, we created a replica 999 club pendant made up of 24K gold plated skulls and the words “999 Club” inscribed on white gold plates.


It’s such a stylish design that even people who’re not fans of Juice WRLD are interested in it.

When you go to a party rocking this pendant, you will receive non-stop compliments all night long. We bet you will get at least one compliment about how elegantly the numbers “999” are joined to the word “club”.

 999 Club Pendant Juice WRLD


Why Does Juice WRLD Spend So Much On Bling

Juice WRLD spends so much on flashy jewelry because his expensive collection is more than just a status symbol to him. It’s also a memento of his success.


So he spends hundreds of thousands on bling to not only flex his wealth, but to remind himself that he has made it. That his hard work has paid off, and he’s living the dream.

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How You Can Wear Jewelry With Class Like Juice WRLD

If you’re a fan of Juice WRLD’s style, here are three tips to help you wear iced out jewelry with class just like him.

1. Wear Matching Colors

If you ask any stylist, they will tell you there’s a fine line between looking sophisticated and looking gaudy.

When you’re wearing too many tones of metals, you cross the line towards looking gaudy. So match all your metals, including belt buckles, cufflinks, and rings.

Silver with silver, gold with gold, and so on.

Sparkle and Shine with These Iced Out Watches | WatchShopping.com

2. Check Your Skin Tone

Did you know our skin color is not the same as our skin tone?

That’s right.

Our skin color, or overtone, is affected by our environment and is the surface layer of the skin. Whereas, our skin tone, or undertone, is the subtle hue beneath the surface that’s not affected by our environment.

That’s why when you get sunburnt, your skin color changes to a deeper shade. Your skin tone, however, remains the same.

When it comes to jewelry, your undertone matters more than your overtone because it determines what type of metals and textiles look great against your skin.

To find out your skin tone, step out on a sunny day, look at your skin, and focus on a spot where veins are easily noticeable, like your wrist. If you have:


  • Green veins: You have a warm skin tone.
  • Blue or purple veins: You have a cool skin tone.
  • Blue, green, and purple veins: You have a neutral skin tone.


Once you know whether you have warm, cool, or neutral skin undertones, it’s relatively easy to match the proper metal with your skin.


  • For neutral skin tones: White and yellow metals look best on your skin.
  • For cool skin tones: Light metals, such as silver, platinum, and white gold, look best against your skin.
  • For warm skin tones: Yellow metals, including brass, rose gold, and yellow gold, work best with your skin.

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3. Wear Only With Solid Color Clothes

We saved the best for last. After buying an iced out ring, chain, or pendant, the next step to looking cool is to make your new piece the focus of your entire outfit.

When you wear shirts with multiple colors or loud patterns, the focus of your outfit shifts from your iced out accessory to your shirt. So pair your chain or ring only with a solid shirt — any shirt with only one color.


Match Jewelry and Clothing

However, if you’re the type of guy who can’t go out with a simple shirt and needs to add a little flash to his wardrobe, then rock a red velvet blazer paired with your favorite iced-out chain to look fresh to death.

Which bling piece of Juice WRLD is your favorite? Is it one from our list of top three? Let us know in the comments below. We can’t wait to see your answers!

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