Tekashi 6ix9ine and Cardi B

Cardi B was a member of the Bloods Gang during her youth," said under oath rapper 6ix9ine, who was heard as a witness in an investigation into her alleged kidnapping and false imprisonment by two gang members from Brooklyn.

Rappers Tekashi 6ix9ine and Cardi B Rivalry

The new queen of American rap, Cardi B would also be an active member of the Gangsta Bloods and more specifically the Nine Trey. Surprising when you know that the name Cardi B has never been mentioned in a stormy Nine Trey affair...

Rappers Tekashi 6ix9ine and Cardi B Rivalry

Cardi B, who grew up in the Bronx, admitted to having links to gang members in a GQ interview last year. "When I was 16, I hung out with a lot of Bloods," she said. But in addition, a representative of Cardi B's label, Atlantic Records, told Billboard Magazine that Cardi B has never been a gang member, simply stating, "That's not true”.

1. What happened between 6ix9ine and Cardi B?

While 6ix9ine was risking dozens of years in prison, he has already decided to throw out big cases in just three days of trial... But here, you will hallucinate: the rapper Cardi B would also be involved! But in addition, a representative of Cardi B's label, Atlantic Records, told Billboard Magazine that Cardi B has never been a gang member, simply stating, "That's not true”.

Rapper Tekashi69, Cardi B

Lately, the biggest hip-hop troll has also been attacking fanbases, especially Cardi B's. He mocked them by saying that despite their non-support, he and Nicki still ended up No. 1 with Trollz. In a message now deleted, a Cardi B fan page called for a boycott of the title Trollz and asked other fanbases such as the Arianators (Ariana Grande fans) or the Monsters (Lady Gaga fans) to do the same and to stream DaBaby's Rockstar featuring Roddy Ricch.

2. Other beefs of 6ix9ine

Apart from Cardi B, other rappers have seen themselves in beefs with 6ix9ine, he never stops. Sometimes excellent, the relationship between 50 Cent and 6ix9ine has obviously taken a turn for the worse since the multicolored-haired rapper. 50 Cent spoke about his case recently saying he did not validate 6ix9ine's method of turning in his former pals.

Even though he understood the rapper's attitude towards the threats against him and his family. A clear standpoint that provoked many reactions, including that of Tekashi 69 himself, who ironized about this choice and referred to the conflict between 50 and his son, Marquise Jackson.

Also Chief Keef, Tekashi and Sosa attacked each other on social networks without knowing where the beef really came from. What is certain is that when the Chicago rapper and his team went down to New York to settle their scores, they were shot in front of their hotel, the W. Although 6ix9ine had denied the facts at the time and the case was closed, it was reopened after the release of a video in which he ordered the shooting.

Finally, Tekashi has officially acknowledged having offered $20,000 to trigger the shooting of Chief Keef and his staff.

Tekashi 69 and Chief Keef !

The Game and 69. last August, Nipsey Hussle would have been 35 years old. An opportunity for The Game to post a picture of Nip on Insta. But for The Game, which never fails to show all the evil he thinks of 6ix9ine, Daniel Hernandez should not have appeared in front of his friend's graffiti.

As a comment on the video posted by 69, Game gave his opinion, but above all he sent him a slightly threatening message, illustrated with a 'rat' emoji to remind him that he is a 'rat': "Disrespectful 🐀... Keep playing", as if things would end up taking another turn... Especially since 6ix9ine was surrounded by his bodyguards wearing bulletproof vests.

A sequence that proves that the New Yorker fears for his life, and that he can't afford to stay outside for very long... He had plenty of other beefs in his life, if you wanna know more about that, check this out.

What’s next for the king of New York?

For some he deserves to die, for others he is hilarious. The American-Mexican rapper never leaves anyone indifferent. The question that people and his entourage might ask themselves is: What future for him? Should he stop his trolls?

Tekashi 6ix9ine – 'TattleTales' album review

1. Will he continue to provoke the hip-hop game?

Tekashi does not seem to care about his safety, but his situation worries his legal team. He is completely free since he has decided not to benefit from the witness protection program. And the idea that he will be without federal protection worries his legal team.

In an article published in the New York Post on Sunday, June 21, Dawn Florio, one of his lawyers, explained: "I'm worried" he confessed. "A lot of people are condemning him for his cooperation with the government and a young gang member who wants to make a name for himself might try something."

Tekashi 6ix9ine's ego could put his life in danger, insiders worry

6ix9ine plans to leave New York when his house arrest is over and hire bodyguards to ensure his safety. Tekashi's only concern at the moment seems to be sales and popularity records, not to mention starting beefs with as many rappers as possible.

Some say he is blacklisted by the music industry but not so much, because there are 6 guests on his next album, we already know the ones with Akon and Nicki Minaj and we wonder who are the other four?

2. Does he still have a gang image?

Ubiquitous in the streets of New York before his setbacks with the American justice system. Today he is more discreet in life (not on social networks). His video clips take place in closed or more confidential places. He no longer has any gang members in his clips, and even if he plays with his electronic bracelet attached to his ankle, he no longer shows up in public places.

69 gang

This is the new lifestyle of 6ix9ine, locked in his house and his video clips, as he is locked on social networks doomed to hide. Our friend with color-treated hair has changed to save his life. And what do you think of the article, let us know in the comment section below, we're curious to know what you think about it.

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