Offset's Insane Jewelry Collection

Offset, one-third of the popular hip-hop group Migos, is known not only for his music but also for his extravagant taste in jewelry. His collection features some of the most lavish and expensive pieces in the world, totaling millions of dollars. In this article, we will dive into the details of Offset's iconic jewelry collection, exploring the significance and value of each piece.

The 14 Most Iconic Pieces in Offset's Collection

1. 50,000$ Raindrop Pendant

Inspired by Migos' hit song "Bad and Boujee," the 50,000$ Rain Drop Emoji Pendant features a diamond-encrusted raindrop.

Offset New Chain Jewerly

The pendant is designed to showcase Offset's affinity for unique and bold jewelry pieces, reflecting his flashy personality and love for all things luxurious.

2. Custom Offset Dripping Pendant 60,000$

The Custom Offset Dripping Pendant is a 60,000$ masterpiece that features the rapper's name, "Offset," in an iced-out dripping font.

Offset New Chain Jewerly

This one-of-a-kind piece is designed to represent the rapper's distinct style and is adorned with high-quality diamonds that accentuate its overall aesthetic.

Check out Offset's $100,000 USD Rain Drop Chain | Hypebeast

3. Two Tone Cross Pendant 220,000$

The Two Tone Cross Pendant is a breathtaking 220,000$ piece that showcases Offset's dedication to his faith. This pendant features a stunning two-tone design, with white and yellow gold embellished with diamonds, making it an eye-catching centerpiece in his collection.

Offset Arrested in Georgia After Being Pulled Over | Entertainment Tonight

4. Jesus Piece 25,000$

A classic symbol of faith, the 25,000$ Jesus Piece is a staple in Offset's jewelry collection. This diamond-encrusted pendant features a detailed image of Jesus Christ, symbolizing Offset's devotion to his religion.

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5. Big Stones Tennis Chain 150,000$

The Big Stones Tennis Chain is a 150,000$ neckpiece that features large, high-quality diamonds in a tennis-style setting. This statement piece is designed to draw attention and showcase Offset's taste for luxurious and bold jewelry.

Offset's Stolen Chain Case Closed

6. Trap House Pendant Chain 250,000$

The 250,000$ Trap House Pendant Chain is a statement piece that pays homage to Offset's background "Bando".

This intricate pendant features a detailed trap house design adorned with diamonds and comes with a matching custom cuban diamond chain, making it one of the most expensive and iconic pieces in his collection.

OffSet Trap House Chain Pendant for Sale

7. Golden Prong Set Cuban Chain 60,000$

The Golden Prong Set Cuban Chain is a 60,000$ piece that combines classic design with modern style.

Diamond 14K Gold Mens Prong Set Cuban Link Chain –

This Cuban chain features prong-set diamonds along the entire length of the chain, adding a touch of extravagance to any outfit.

Offset SUED by a Beverly Hills jeweler who claims the Migos rapper owes him  $47K | Daily Mail Online

8. Baguette Cuban Chain, Franco Chain

Offset's collection also includes a Baguette Cuban Chain and a Franco Chain. These necklaces, though not as heavily adorned with diamonds as some of his other pieces, still make a statement with their unique designs and high-quality materials.

Offset's Rings Collection

9. Dollar Sign Ring 40,000$

A symbol of wealth and success, the 40,000$ Dollar Sign Ring features a bold dollar sign design encrusted with diamonds.

Iced Crystal Dollar Sign Ring | 2 Colors – Beau Diamante

This ring not only showcases Offset's love for luxurious jewelry but also serves as a reminder of his rise to fame and fortune.


10. Cuban Ring 20,000$

The 20,000$ Cuban Ring is another example of Offset's affinity for Cuban-style jewelry. This ring is crafted from gold and features a unique design with diamond accents, making it a sophisticated addition to his collection.

7 Rings: Offset's Diamonds are the Most Lavish in the Game - Only Natural  Diamonds

11. Baguette Star Ring 30,000$

The 30,000$ Baguette Star Ring features a stunning star design made up of baguette-cut diamonds. This unique piece demonstrates Offset's taste for innovative and eye-catching jewelry designs.

7 Rings: Offset's Diamonds are the Most Lavish in the Game - Only Natural  Diamonds

12. Cartier Diamond Glasses 18,000$

Offset's love for luxury extends beyond jewelry to his choice of eyewear.

Offset Drops $100,000 on Custom Diamond Chains and Cartier Glasses

The 18,000$ Cartier Diamond Glasses feature a diamond-encrusted frame, making them a perfect addition to his extravagant collection.

Luxury Watches

13. Iced Out Richard Mille 220,000$

No luxury collection would be complete without a high-end timepiece. The Iced Out Richard Mille watch, priced at 220,000$, features a diamond-encrusted design that complements Offset's taste for opulence.

TimeZone : Public Forum » NY Times watch-spotting (11-29-2018): Offset.

14. Iced Out Rose Gold Patek Phillipe 120,000$

Another luxury watch in Offset's collection is the Iced Out Rose Gold Patek Phillipe, valued at 120,000$. This stunning timepiece features a rose gold case and bracelet, adorned with diamonds, making it a symbol of wealth and sophistication.

Watch Spotting: 21 Savage, Offset, And Metro Boomin Mention A Patek  Philippe Reference 5790 A Lot (There's Only One Problem) - Hodinkee


Offset's jewelry collection is a testament to his love for lavish and unique pieces. From extravagant pendants to luxurious watches, each piece in his collection showcases his flashy personality and taste for the finer things in life.

Migos' Offset Unveils His $100,000 Raindrop Chain [VIDEO]

While these items may be out of reach for most people, they serve as a source of inspiration for those who appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship behind such luxury items.


1. What is the most expensive piece in Offset's jewelry collection?

The most expensive piece in Offset's collection is the Trap House Pendant Chain, valued at 250,000$.

2. How much is Offset's entire jewelry collection worth?

Offset's jewelry collection is estimated to be worth over 3 millions of dollars, although the exact value is difficult to determine.

3. Are all of Offset's jewelry pieces custom-made?

Many of the pieces in Offset's collection are custom-made, but some, like the Jesus Piece and the Cartier Diamond Glasses, are classic designs that can be found in luxury jewelry stores.

4. Does Offset wear all the jewelry pieces in his collection?

Offset is known to wear many of the pieces from his collection, often showcasing them during performances, events, and on social media. However, it's likely that he doesn't wear all of them regularly, as some pieces may be reserved for special occasions or kept as investments.

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