The Houston Rockets' 🏀 most useful player, James Harden, is known for his characteristic beard. But have you heard of his Iced Out Hip-Hop Jewelry Collection ? 💎

Iced Out Jewelry Collection.

Harden sat down with GQ for an interview to show his collection. Harden was considered the most exciting player in the NBA, he is definitely one of a kind. In his interview, he talks about his beard and the way he likes to show off his outfit, as well as his collection of bling jewellery. 💎

"You eat there all the time," he says.
"Like, all the time. If it's people I don't know, I won't eat around them. When I go out with strangers, I'm waiting for people around me to get comfortable, because they tell me I've got stuff in my beard. It's kind of like this came with it. If you want to be as beautiful as me." 🙂

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