Who is DJ Mustard ?

DJ Mustard has a really impressive collection of Iced Out Jewelry 💎, but watches are what he really likes. From his Audemars Piquet Skeleton watch ⌚ worth $120,000. Mustard shows off all his jewelry below. 💵

DJ Mustard Jewelry

Iced Out Jewelry Collection.

This week, Mustard appears in the "On The Rocks" series of GQ. "I just got it." Mustard says, pointing to his new Apple watch. He's also showing off his Presidential Rolex. Mustard got this piece from his song "Baguettes In The Face" 🥖 Then he shows us another black-faced Rolex that he wears every day.

Then he shows us his most iconic Designer Pendant. A pendant in the shape of a Heinz mustard bottle. Covered with Diamonds VVS 💎. Mustard then shows us a set of Iced Out Chains, Pendants, and some Icy Rings. 💍

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