Historically, hip-hop appeared approximately forty years ago in the United States. This culture has never enjoyed as much success and visibility as it does today. 

Hip-hop is both artistic and everyday practices, a particular value system and an urban popular cultural origin.


More broadly, the history of hip-hop includes several distinct periods from 1970 to the present day. These illustrate the stages that the cultural actors of hip-hop have had to go through to reach their current level of maturity. Thus, hip-hop has developed both professionally, as well as through associations and amateurs. Its particular cultural identity, its creation as well as the scale of its artistic production make it a legitimate and internationally recognized movement. Today, with very diverse currents, hip-hop culture has largely irrigated music, dance, graffiti, fashion, advertising, language and its expressions...

history of hiphop

Artistic Disciplines:

Appeared in the early 70s in the United States, Hip-hop took over the black ghettos of New York. Its first appearance was in the form of rap, the aim of which was to evacuate its hatred and anger through song. This emmergeance would soon spread to the whole of the American continent and then to the whole world (Hip Hop really arrived in Europe in the early 80's in a form of dance that the old-timers knew as: Smurf).

The artistic disciplines have three main areas: dance (with different styles such as break, locking, popping, house, new style, top rock, voguing, krump...), painting (with tag and graffiti) and music (with rap, turntablism or dj'ing, beatbox). But we often talk more about the four main disciplines of hip-hop which are dance, rap (or mc'ing), graffiti and dj'ing to which beatbox has been added.  

We talk about culture simply because it touches several artistic branches such as:

  • Dance
  • Music
  • Painting

Hip Hop Specific Codes:

Hip-hop is also characterized by very specific codes: a language, a way of life, a way of dressing, an economy... It emerges from a popular identity. The watchword "Peace, Love, Unity & Having Fun" is also characteristic of hip-hop, inspired by its pioneers (notably the Zulu Nation of Afrika Bambaata).

For a long time, it was believed to be a fashion phenomenon. But since the early eighties, the frame of reference that is hip-hop culture has a solid foundation. Although it has strong Afro-American roots, the movement has managed to break free from the ethnic dimension that characterized it, since it is now adopted by a large number of young people, regardless of their geographical or social origins.

Rapper out fit look

Hip Hop Bling Jewelry:

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How Hip Hop Became Popular:

The Block Parties had a very important influence on the emergence of Hip Hop culture. Originally, in New York City, they were "block parties" that closed off both sides of a street with fences and connected to a streetlight by diverting the power. Dj's and Mc's would play festive musical games, which were later joined by dancers, graffiti artists and beatboxers. We discover the first young hip hop activists of the 80s with Dj Dee Nasty, graffiti artists Psychose or Jonone, but also breakers and many other enthusiasts.

Hip-hop, what's that all about?

Much pejoratively seen a few years ago, hip-hop likes to wallow behind the image of the young guy with the cap spinning on his head. Beyond this stereotype, when we say Hip-hop, people often respond: Dance. Indeed, hip-hop dance is well known and has no secrets for you...although... However, Hip Hop does not stop there, and to find out what's in this word composed, I invite you to continue reading.

    But it also touches on codes, values, style of dress. It's urban culture. Hip-hop has been around for 40 years, it's imposed all over the world and can be found everywhere around you, in the radio, on the walls, in your TV, etc...

    We always find the notion of confrontation in hip-hop, there are DJ duels, dance battles and rap clashes, the same goes for graffiti, it's those who will make the most beautiful graffiti on the walls of the city.

     Hip Hop Graffiti

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